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Wedding Checklists | 4 Most Valuable Tips to Achieve The Most Astounding Wedding Reception

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I‘m sure by this time you are planning and dreaming for your special day. You need to be hands-on when you are preparing for your big day to achieve your dream wedding. One of the important things you need to consider is your wedding reception design. If you’re wondering how you can personally organize the design and what could be your wedding reception look like, you can check out these essential tips from a friend JoAnna Dee Weddings. Surely, this is worth your time! Read on.

4 Essential Tips for your Dream Wedding Reception Design

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Wedding Checklists | 4 Most Valuable Tips to Achieve The Most Astounding Wedding Reception

Must-know Wedding Reception Tips

 There are so many different options when planning your wedding reception so much that sometimes they can get overwhelming. But you can streamline the process by these 4 easy and essential tips to achieve your dream wedding reception design.This requires bundles of preparation since this is the place where you are to spend the rest of the time with your guests after the wedding ceremony.

Tip 1: Linen

Tip 1 Linens | 4 Essential Tips for your Dream Wedding Reception Design

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The first thing you want to think about when planning for your wedding reception design are the linens that you’ll be using. Note that the tables have the most surface area so that’s going to be the predominant color in your reception space.

To create an amazing visual impact, you need to consider renting a luxury linen head table or your sweetheart table. Make sure that the linen has some sort of different texture or color that really pops to create a great focal point for your reception.

Tip 2: Chairs and Chair Covers

Choose wedding reception that had a wide space for your chairs. Some venues offer a lot of certain amount of chairs that you can use for the event. But if they don’t match to your wedding theme, you option is to rent Chiavari, wooden folding chairs and even communion chairs.

For a bigger visual impact, you can add renting chair covers or tie back for your head table and VIP table so your bridal party and families feel extra special.

Tip 3: Centerpieces

Tip3: Centerpieces | 4 Essential Tips for your Dream Wedding Reception Design

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If your reception space has a high ceiling, you want to consider having tall floral centerpieces. Most the time your guests will be spending their time in their designated tables so it is important to have a festive and creative ambiance. If you are concerned with taller centerpieces because they think it blocks the view between conversation or between the site line or the stage; the great solution to this is to use thin glass pieces to make sure that conversations flow and you’ll be able to see everything.


Tip 4: Lighting

Tip 4: Lighting | 4 Essential Tips for your Dream Wedding Reception Design

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There are three different kinds of lighting that you could use in your occasions: uplighting, pin spotlighting, or stencils.

If your reception space has a painted color wall, you can create a different light or a different color throughout the room using uplighting. It has about 55 different colors so make sure you test it out beforehand to ensure the color will work for your color theme.

Using pin spotlight you can create a glowing beautiful romantic effect if you spot this to your table centerpieces.

You can have stencils with your custom monogram on the dance floor or you can have a prefabricated designed on the wall to look amazing.


Watch the full video tutorial of JoAnna Dee here:

 Don’t miss out these 4 essential tips that can make your wedding reception design a perfect event for your most awaited wedding day. Best wishes!

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