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Top 5 Fashionable Summer Wedding Outfits For An Outdoor Reception

Summer wedding outfit

It’s almost June, and we all know that it’s popularly known as the wedding month! Invitations come shooting at us like fireworks and the usual dilemma when invited to a wedding is the dress to wear. There is even an added pressure if the engaged couple wants their guests to wear something that relates to their theme. This summer, I have some quick picks that will look great on you, particularly for wedding receptions done outdoors. What are you waiting for? Dig in!

Top 5 Fashionable Summer Wedding Outfits For An Outdoor Reception

Dress to Impress for a Summer Wedding Season

There are different dress code for different types of wedding. Sometimes, it is very complicated to choose the right outfit for the event. But whether the wedding will be held on the beach or on any other outdoor location, you can always choose summer wedding outfits that are classy and fashionable.

We will help you sort out your closet to be summer ready this wedding season. Below are the fashionable ideas from Lindsay Albanese for summer wedding outfits.


No to White and Cream  Dress

No to White and Cream Dress | Top 5 Fashionable Summer Wedding Outfits For An Outdoor Reception

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The usual mindset of people when they plan what to wear in a wedding is to buy a white or cream dress. The first tip for a fashionable summer wedding outfit is not to wear a white or cream dress. Of course, you can wear a dress with a touch of white but make sure the majority of your outfit is not white, that is in the bride’s dress distinction.

There are so many colors that you can wear for a summer wedding outfit; mix and match and play with the colors that compliments with the wedding theme. And now, here are the top 5 for this summer’s wedding guests outfits.



Top 1. Ultimate Go-To for a Beach or Outdoor Wedding

Ultimate Go-to for a Beach or Outdoor Wedding | Top 5 Fashionable Summer Wedding Outfits For An Outdoor Reception

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A flirty little dress and statement heels are flattering for any shape and size. This pair is the ultimate go-to for a beach or outdoor wedding.  This color is perfect for a summer wedding outfit because it has an earth tone that does not shout too much attention without scrapping off the vixen in you. For sure you will get the most compliments in the reception next to the bride.


Top 2. The Floral Maxi Dress

Ultimate Go-to for a Beach or Outdoor Wedding | Top 5 Fashionable Summer Wedding Outfits For An Outdoor Reception

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A maxi dress is perfect for a beach or outdoor wedding because of its glamorous length. It is also a great idea to go for the shoe and sandals because grass, sand and heels don’t mix. The flowing structure of the dress flatters any body shape and makes you look reserved, but still sexy.


Top 3. City and Country Club Wedding Outfit

Go for a printed skirt! The best pair of a printed skirt is to choose a top that has the exact (or even closely similar) color found on the print. This is probably one of my favorite outfits since all I have to do is to pick out an outfit that I already have and just improvise with a new skirt, shoes and bag. Also, don’t be afraid to accessorize!


Top 4. Casual Wedding Outfit

Casual Wedding | Top 5 Fashionable Summer Wedding Outfits For An Outdoor Reception

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Whether for a backyard or a junkyard, you should always look polished and fashionable. A simple dress and nice sandals are enough, even flats can be great for a casual wedding. For men, you can wear khakis or dress pants or even khaki shorts. Even if it’s casual, it helps to still look polished and well made. Wedding are not to be taken lightly.


Top 5. Formal Wedding

Formal Wedding Outfit | Top 5 Fashionable Summer Wedding Outfits For An Outdoor Reception

When the invitation says black tie or formal, ladies should wear a gown and tuxedos for the men. A gown is not a maxi-dress so don’t get twisted. When you go to department store, ask for the formal section or gown section to avoid getting confused. The best part of dressing formal is that you still get to feel like royalty, even if you’re not the bride! 🙂 Don’t be afraid to flaunt it because everyone else is dressing up like a princess too.


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Don’t be confused with what to wear on your friend’s wedding. Be trendy and fashionable on a hot wedding month, by making it hotter with a gorgeous outfit. Target on thinking of something appropriately sexy, and not all trashy. Take note, this is the bride’s day, not yours. You are there to fish out for men (dear future husband?), and not the spotlight. Just be yourself and dress your best.

Never go out of fashion, click here for more wedding fashion ideas.


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