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Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Wedding Day Flowers!

Looking for the best flowers for your wedding day? Keep reading to find the perfect flowers you can choose for the Big Day!

Wedding Flowers | Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Wedding Day Flowers!

Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Flowers for Your Perfect Day!


A Wedding Will Not Be the Same Without These Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are as important as the rest of the wedding items. It adds beauty to the bride while she’s walking in the aisle. Which you must also give time to choose the right flower, its arrangement and color. Which give us the idea to give you some hint on how to lessen the stress of your wedding preparation.


1. Rose

Rose|Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Wedding Day Flowers!

image via yudasce

Rose has been a sign of love and affection since the old times. It has a wide variety of shapes, color and sizes. This can grow all year round and always the first pick on wedding events.


2. Calla Lilies

Calla Lillies|Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Wedding Day Flowers!

image via tineketogo

This sophisticated, trumpet-like flowers is one of the popular choices in weddings. Calla Lily is also known as the “magnificent beauty” which truly reflects the flower as it has this elegant beauty and simplicity.


3. Tulips

Tulips|Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Wedding Day Flowers!

image via whatcomflowers

Tulips symbolize “happy years” and “consuming love”.  Dutch tulips, French tulips and Parrot tulips are the three most popular variety used in weddings.

4. Peonies

Peonies|Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Wedding Day Flowers!

image via superweddings

Beside having a perfect beauty for a wedding bouquet or as a centerpiece, it is believed that peonies symbolizes happy marriage, good health and prosperity.


5. Hydrangeas

This is another favorite! It grows and blooms perfectly like a bouquet and a truly versatile flower for every occasion. It has different kinds and varieties from different parts of the world.


6. Stephanotis

Stephanotis is considered as a “marital happiness”  and shows the simplicity, beauty and sincere love. 


7. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea|Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Wedding Day Flowers!

image via flowersbydesign

Known in Victorian language as “lasting pleasure”. It has a sweet scent and its ruffled blossoms are a popular choice for brides and bridesmaids bouquet. 


8. Ranunculus

Ranunculus|Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Wedding Day Flowers!

image via brides

Ranunculus is a great alternative for roses or peonies which, technically, is a little bit pricey. It can also be used as a boutonniere and is widely available in various colors like yellow, pink, orange and white.


9. Gardenia

Gardenia|Wedding Checklists: The Perfect Wedding Day Flowers!

image via jensblossoms

Gardenia is another flower to choose when making a bouquet. But, be gentle on handling its flowers as they can easily be bruised.


10. Lily of the Valley

This gorgeous flower or known as the “ladder to heaven” blooms all year round. Though it can be grown all year it still cost a penny. The best thing about this flower is you only need a perfect lace or ribbon to tie make a bouquet. No need to accentuate.


Check out this video to learn how to make your own wedding bouquet:

Choosing the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet can be really daunting! With these tips, we hope you’re able to choose the best for the Big Day!


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