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Wedding Makeup Tutorial | Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldridge

When it comes to makeup for brides, nice and natural always wins. Read on to learn the different tips and steps in creating your own classic natural bridal look.

Wedding Makeup Tutorial | Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldridge

All eyes are on you on your wedding day, which is why makeup for brides is always such a hot topic. A great makeup look not only brings out the best in your features, it also ties together your entire bridal look. While it’s tempting to experiment with different daring and dramatic looks on your wedding day, we here at Wedding Checklists believe that on the most important day of your life, a natural and classic makeup look paired with a simple yet dazzling hairstyle will always work best. Take your cue from makeup guru Lisa Eldridge and learn how to do your own natural wedding makeup.

Makeup and Tools You’ll Need:


  • All makeup for brides starts with a good base. Lisa recommends building up and blending a sheer and lightweight foundation for a more natural look. This is why a good skincare routine is essential—you want your beautiful natural skin to show through the makeup.
  • Especially if you are oily-skinned, your natural bridal makeup will benefit from a dusting of good-quality loose powder. This seals your makeup and makes it last longer.
  • For the eyes, avoid your usual harsh black eyeliner and opt for a soft brown shade instead.
  • For your pucker, choose long-wearing lipstick formulas that will outlast kisses and toasts!
  • Invest in a good concealer. All those late nights wedding planning and handcrafting DIY wedding favors must’ve taken a toll on your skin, so all makeup for brides should involve some heavy-duty concealing (but done well, of course!)

1. Apply lightweight foundation and illuminator.

Apply foundation |Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldrige

Use a brush to blend your primer (if using), foundation, and illuminator for that dewy glow.

2. Apply cream blush.

Apply cream blush | Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldridge

A cream formula blush serves as the anchor for your cheek color (and that bridal glow!)

3. Apply concealer.

Use good concealer | Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldridge

Use a brush and a light hand to avoid a cakey look.

4. Dust loose powder all over your face.

Dust loose powder over your face | Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldridge

Use a fluffy brush to sweep powder lightly all over your face.

5. Apply your neutral eyeshadow palette.

Choose a neutral eye palette | Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldridge

Select warm neutral colors to define your eye shape and bring out your eye color.

6. Swipe on a sheer nude lipstick.

Swipe on a nude lipstick | Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldridge

Use a lipliner in a classic nude shade to outline your lips, then use a lip brush to apply your lipstick.

7. Finish off your look with a shimmery peach or pink powder blush.

Finish off with shimmery powder blush | Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldridge

There will definitely be a lot of cameras flashing around on your big day, so make sure your skin will look radiant from every angle! A shimmery peach- or pink-toned blush on the apples of your cheeks will give your skin a subtle glow.

And you’re now, you’re a glowing bride with a natural wedding look!

Glowing Bride | Natural Makeup for Brides by Lisa Eldridge

Watch the complete video tutorial by Lisa Eldridge:

Makeup for brides need not to be complicated. Play up your best features, accessorize with a big smile, and you’re ready for your wedding day!

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