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[Wedding Checklists] 7 Adorable Ways to be the Best Maid of Honor

Maid of Honor

Yey! Seems like your girlfriend finally found the love of her life. And she has chosen you to be her Maid of Honor. Congratulations!

As a Maid of Honor, you know that it means you have to be present on her wedding  day. But being the organized gal that you are, I am sure you wanted a checklist to make sure you do not miss out on anything.

 [Wedding Checklists] 7 Adorable Ways to be the Best Maid of Honor

[Wedding Checklists] 7 Adorable Ways to be the Best Maid of Honor

How to be the Best Maid of Honor

Do you want to be sure to know all the roles you said yes to? We have got a list made especially for you! Read on to see our “Best Maid of Honor Checklist”.

1. Be the Bride’s Sounding Board.

Being chosen as the MOH means that the bride considers you as her most trusted friend.

Wedding planning would definitely be a daunting challenge to your friend. And when the going gets tough, it would be your role as her dearest friend to let her vent.

Try to support her during her down times and be generous in giving her dozens of encouragement when she needs them. I promise you, she would appreciate it.

2. Be the Bride’s Beauty Accountability Partner

[Wedding Checklists] 7 Smashing Ways to be the Best Maid of Honor | Be the Bride's Beauty Accountability Partner

Image via BridesBody

Tasks would be overwhelming as the wedding day comes nearer.

Help your friend to keep that “Newly-Engaged Beauty Glow” by being her beauty accountability partner.

3. Be the Bride’s Bridal Shower Organizer.

One of the fun things about being a Maid of Honor is being able to host and organize a Bridal Shower party.

Get to know what the bride wants for her bachelorette party (colors, theme, venue, music, food).

Have a night out with all her bridesmaids.

For a list of Bridal Ideas, click here.

Check out tips for organizing a Bridal Shower here.

4. Be the Bride’s Wedding Venue and Vendors Judge

One of the perks of being a Maid of Honor is being the first one to see the Wedding venue and share your friend’s joy in visualizing her Wedding day.

Envision her Wedding themes, bouquet with her.

Fill your tummies with mouthwatering food as you help her choose the food for her wedding.Remove featured image

Check out tips for searching the best Wedding Suppliers and Vendors here.


5. Be the Bride’s Best Right Hand Woman.

[Wedding Checklists] 7 Smashing Ways to be the Best Maid of Honor | Be the Bride's Right Hand Woman

image via popsugar

Being a bride takes a lot of energy, and sometimes there would just be too much for her to handle. From addressing her invitations to creating her DIY Place Cards, feel free to jump in and help her out anytime she needs your help. (If you’re lucky, your best friend might even place your name beside that cute guy’s name on the place card. 😉 )

Also, be present as well in all her pre-wedding events and engagement parties.

Check out how to Create your own DIY Wedding Place Cards here.

6. Write an unforgettable speech and rock the best Wedding toast for her!

[Wedding Checklists] 7 Smashing Ways to be the Best Maid of Honor | Be the Bride's Best Wedding Toaster

image via stylemepretty

The bride chose you for a special reason. Being a maid of honor means that you have played a special role in the bride’s life and her lovelife. Make it a speech that she would remember forever.

Check out our tips on How to Make the Best Maid of Honor Speech here.

Did you just say Maid of Honor duties? Check out this video from Hollywire TV and find out how all time Grammy Winner Taylor Swift gave her touching maid of honor speech to her childhood best friend’s wedding!

Watch the video below:

If you are the Bride, feel free to share this to your Maid of Honor and let us know anything else you’d like to let your Maid of Honor know.

For more Wedding Tips and Ideas on How to be a Maid of Honor, check out this video by EHowWeddings:


For more ideas to help you on your big day, check our wedding checklists here now!

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